about us

head chef

The head chef at the restaurant is Thomas Hudson, Tom among friends. Tom has been fortunate to work with some of the top restaurants here in Helsinki and elsewhere, and some might remember him from the pop up restaurant Säsong. At Hello Stranger Tom wants to showcase the best seasonal produce in a relaxed atmosphere. Rather than focusing around one certain style or kitchen, Tom’s menu is more of a reflection of time and place as well as food memories from childhood. At the core of Tom’s cooking are quality ingredients; Tom is especially passionate about where the food comes from. Good food doesn’t need to be complicated when you are using the best of local ingredients: often times the best flavours are the most simplistic ones.

head bartender

Behind the bar quenching your thirst is PRO2018 winner Mari Seppälä. Born and raised in the countryside, customer service and going that extra mile with a smile comes naturally to Mari. In her opinion, the greatest thing about a bar is not the cocktails it serves, it is that moment, where people can let go of their worries and sorrows and truly enjoy themselves. Mari will serve you drinks where you can taste her memories of pure nature, her connection to her hometown and sense a true pride. Let’s have one more drink, going home can wait for a little while longer.


Bejay Visser, the grand man of customer service, is the restaurateur behind the concept. Bejay has worked with bars and restaurants for many years, but it was when he met Tom that this concept was created. Both guys felt like Helsinki needed a place, where you can enjoy excellent drinks either before or after a great dinner. A place that is a one stop shop, a guaranteed good night out. And so Hello Stranger was born. Bejay strives for perfection when it comes to customer service and with that in mind, we are aiming to be known for the best customer service in the city.
+358 504 675 903
Hello Stranger
Vilhonkatu 6
00100 Helsinki
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